Christmas Cards

Carol Dixon along with her husband Bill were instrumental in starting the Berkhamsted Bowmen Archery Club. Carol was very artistic. The club badge was designed by and originally hand sewn by her. She also hand sewed the club trophy cloth, still used at every annual trophy evening. In fact she was so good she was asked to prepare an emblazoned cloth for use on the prize table at a GNAS International Tournament.

The Club Trophy Record Book was created by her, where each trophy has its own hand drawn page. In fact during the 1950´s Carol and Bill designed and drew Christmas cards, depicting the Berkhamsted Bowmen figures in various winter pursuits.

Bringing Home the Boar Bringing Home the Boar
bbxmas.poultry.large Bringing Home the Poultry
bbxmas.feast.large Bringing in the Feast
bbxmas.tree.large Dressing the Tree
bbxmas.carols.large The Carol Singers
bbxmas.mark.large Shooting at the Mark
bbxmas.toboggan.large Lets Toboggan Star in the Sky