If you have never done archery before please read the ‘Beginner’s Course’ section below to find out how to get the relevant coaching. Please note that to join a club you must have completed a properly organised Beginner’s Course for which you should receive a certificate to prove that a certain level of competence has been attained.

For those people who have shot in the past and would like to come back to archery, please Click Here to contact the Club Chairman.

Beginner’s Course

All necessary equipment and instruction is provided and covers all basic skills for the complete novice. We have a minimum age of 10 for children but apart from that the course is suited to all ages.

If you complete the course successfully, you will be given a certificate which allows you to apply for membership to Berkhamsted Bowmen or any other club affiliated to the Grand National Archery Society. Please note that an application does not guarantee acceptance.

Shooting Times:-
We shoot throughout the year with a comprehensive Shooting Programme.
Winter (October to March): Sunday Mornings (Outdoor) & Friday Evenings (Indoor).
Summer (April to September Outdoor): Sunday Mornings plus Tuesday & Thursday Evenings. We also shoot an All-Day Round on the last Sunday in the month.

If you would like to know more or check the dates of our next Beginner’s Course pleaseĀ  Click Here to contact the Club Chairman.

Additional Coaching for Members

Coaching is available for ALL archers who request it. This is normally reserved for Tuesday Evenings during the summer although archers can approach any of our coaches to discuss their problems and arrange additional help at an agreed time and place.